Falling in Love is not personal at all…

Falling in Love uhuh,
Has nothing to do with you,
I have nothing to say,
It’s those hormones that play,
It’s a chemical state,
That makes me feel great,
It’s not a personal thing,
Just some brainwaves that spin,
Love has no meaning,
Such nice romantic feelings,
Some sensations in action,
As a physical attraction,
I wonder, who is falling in love with whom?

These words came into my mind after a Silent Retreat with Isaac Shapiro in combination with my study Psychology on the functionality of the human brain. The fact is that our actions and feelings are actually unconscious behaviors and not personal at all!
So even falling is love is a joke of existence after all…

The music on this song is tongue in cheek; we call it Betty Boop Cocktail Jazz with lots of slapstick elements.

Check out the song “Falling in Love” from our latest ‘CaDra’ EP and don’t take it too serious! 😉

Listen here and write a review afterwards (if you feel like): (works on iPhone!).

You can purchase our music on iTunes and Legaldownload.

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