Hoe bak je een zuurdesembrood? 

Bij gebrek aan een goede biologische bakker die lekker ouderwets zuurdesembrood kan leveren is rakenDra het zelf maar gaan maken.  De foto’s van de eindresultaten bleken een ware hit op Facebook en er bleek behoefte aan wat meer uitleg over… Hoe bak je een zuurdesembrood?

Wie de ouderwetse zuurdesembroden van dertig jaar geleden uit de reformwinkel nog kent, met specialiteiten als Tibetaans gerstenbrood en andere harde monnikebroden, zal blij verrast zijn met het zuurdesembrood welke rakenDra bakt. rakenDras brood wordt niet gekneed maar ‘uitgesmeerd en gevouwen’. Dit maakt zijn brood smeuïg en smaakvol, heerlijk geurend met een knapperige bruine korst. 

In dit Vlog filmt Caroline hoe rakeDra een zuurdesembrood bakt. 

Een brood in wording. Het hele proces in woord en beeld:

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How to make a remix of R.E.M. – “It happened today”

As a follow up blog post we made a Youtube video on our ‘Dutch Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound’ Remix. Enjoy!

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How to make a remix of ‘It Happened today’ by R.E.M.

R.E.M. has started an exciting remix project in conjunction with “It Happened Today”, a track on R.E.M.’s upcoming new album Collapse Into Now.
We got a tip on twitter, got excited and downloaded the individual tracks of the song.
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CaDra in Goa, Holiday impression on our track “Nirvana”


In 2006 to 2008 we were kind of addicted to chilling in Goa and stayed several times in a little village called Arambol.
Its a lovely place in the northern part of Goa were hippies and musicians are hanging out. In spite of the fact that Arambol starts to get more mainstream and touristic, it still kept a lot of his charm. We enjoyed it very much.
The video shows a view on the area of Arambol and a trip to the market in Anjuna. Enjoy!

The song Nirvana is on our EP “Love is Everywhere”.
You can purchase it on Itunes

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Crisis, what crisis? Love is Everywhere, you can always dance!

When working on “Love is Everywhere” we wanted to make a song with a positive mood. Some friends recommended to use a stronger beat. As we are generally used to make mellow music, this was quite a challenge to us.

Last year we heard a song by Tiësto called “I am strong” feat. Priscilla Ahn. We actually liked the smooth female voice and harmonies in combination with the typical Tiësto beat. So we decided to make a trance remix of our song “Love is Everywhere” and use Tiësto’s song as a reference. We think the result is quite danceable.

So who knows, maybe we’ll make some more dance music in the future…?
Let us know how you feel about that!

You can listen to the trance remix here:
For iPhone click here


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“Três Palmeiras” in sunny Portugal, a song composed with lots of Caipirinha’s…

Some time ago we were invited by family members Wim and Marijke to spent a holiday with them in their beautiful house “Três Palmeiras” at the Algarve coast in sunny Portugal.

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Nirvana, the place to be…

Last summer after a retreat with Isaac Shapiro in Bavaria in Southern Germany we, still spaced out, drove through the beautiful hilly landscape listening to some mixes of our next release. One song we didn’t had a name for yet…

We where also looking for a nice place to have something to eat. We passed by a lot of Restaurants not attracting us at all. Suddenly we saw a sign with “Gastwirtschaft Nirvana” on it. This could be a promising place for good food… So we turned around to check it out. Arriving there it turned out to be an oasis of silence and peace with great food and nice people; it almost felt like heaven on earth.

Then the name of the song was clear: Nirvana!

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