New Music Release “Love is Everywhere” by CaDra

We’ve just released an EP containing 5 songs called “Love is Everywhere”.
It’s the second album by Dutch music duo and studio project CaDra.
Their debut “ Blissful Chess” was a concept album about moving from confusion to clarity in life. The new EP is different, now the central theme is Love (we’re hippies, remember!).

Each song describes Love from a different perspective:
Love as a universal principle, Love as something to fall into, Nirvanic Love and Love for Portugal’s sunny weather and Caipirinha.
Besides that every song belongs to a different music genre. On the EP you will hear Pop, Cocktail Jazz, New Age, Latin and Trance.

As you can expect from CaDra the music is well produced, including beautiful vocal choirs, acoustic and electronic instruments, smooth grooves and lots of ambiance.

Saxophone player Joep Smeenk, well known from “Gotcha! Allstars”, contributes on three of the songs. He added some great atmospheres with his juicy licks. He also, together with CaDra, composed the song “Nirvana”.

for iPhone to listen to the whole EP

Here you can listen to the whole EP.

This EP and individual tracks can be purchased digitally through Internet on Love Is Everywhere - CaDra and

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The importance of silence in music, part 2

Silence in the studio In the
sound studio during the mix often a lot of time is spent with
muting certain tracks. We used to call this “shaving the fat cat”.
A mix can get a lot better if certain instruments are silenced out
for a while. Arrangers know this too. Less is often
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The importance of silence in music

A blog on the most overlooked ingredient of music, Part 1
When we think of music we basically think of sounds. Sounds played by various musicians and their instruments. These sounds get arranged in all kind of patterns, in all kind of rhythms and in all kind of styles, which we enjoy as music.
Hardly anyone however realizes which hidden ingredient gives music its strong expressive appeal… silence. Continue reading

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Pascha the cat & our garden

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Morpheus Dreams – CaDra

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