“Três Palmeiras” in sunny Portugal, a song composed with lots of Caipirinha’s…

Some time ago we were invited by family members Wim and Marijke to spent a holiday with them in their beautiful house “Três Palmeiras” at the Algarve coast in sunny Portugal.

We were enjoying Caipirinha’s, good wine and super BBQ-food underneath three palm trees next to the swimming pool.

In the afterglow of a sunny Portuguese day after dinner we got inspired, grabbed our travel guitar and made some music.

Wim got excited, went into the house and came back with an ancient keyboard which even had a rhythm box inside! At one moment we decided to make a song about this beautiful place we were staying.

Since we had an iPhone with us we recorded the session.
You can listen to it here:
For iPhone


Back home we produced it properly in our studio.
Joep Smeenk (Gotcha! Alstars) passed by one day to juice up the song with a blissful Saxophone track. Wim and Marijke came over to our sound studio to sing the Portuguese part of the recording…
Needless to say that we again had some Caipirinha’s on that occasion.
We had great fun during that recording session. 🙂

The final production of the song you can listen to here:
For iPhone

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1 Response to “Três Palmeiras” in sunny Portugal, a song composed with lots of Caipirinha’s…

  1. Wim says:

    Helemaal te gek, dit verhaal over de totstandkoming van het meesterwerk Três Palmeiras! Gelukkig maar dat er geen adres in staat, anders zouden we wel eens bestormd kunnen worden door caipirinha-loving muzikanten!
    En nu maar hopen dat jullie release een beetje loopt en wat verder bekendheid oplevert.
    Liefs uit Mexico! Marijke en Wim

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